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  • Highly Secure
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  • Functionally rich
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  • Compelling financial proposition
  • Leverage your historical technological expenditure

As new regulations continue to promote the expanded use of clearing, the importance of minimising manual processes continues to grow both in terms of reducing operational risk and costs. This, however, presents a challenge to virtually all large clearing brokers whose clients continue to leave cash buffers and avoid the use of securities for initial margin. Furthermore, reductions in operational risk and costs prove elusive in an environment where the use of emails and phone calls underpin the margin call process.

At CloudMargin, we have created a functionally rich, web-based collateral management platform designed to automate all communication between dealers and their clients. Through the introduction of CloudMargin, you are able to leverage your historical investments in various industry utilities to maximise STP, and reduce both cost and operational risk across your global client base.  This is achieved without any significant further investment in your systems.

The CloudMargin platform enables you to leverage your past expenditure to automate ALL client collateral communications – irrespective of underlying instrument or asset class.  A very significant reduction in both risk and cost is achieved through the eradication of a significant majority of the email, telephone or other bespoke communications that are so prevalent today.  In addition to providing you and your clients with a highly innovative, functionally rich solution, CloudMargin also greatly enhances the client experience.

In summary, the CloudMargin platform offers you and your clients a highly secure, highly scalable solution with low initial investment.  Furthermore, our web-based solution supports rapid implementation whilst, at the same time, avoiding costly upgrades.

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